Motiv Ring Review

Motiv Ring Review

In today’s world, getting back in shape is all people seem to want to do. All over the world individuals are looking for new and easy ways to get their bodies back on track. Ladies are looking for slimmer more evened out hips and thighs while men are looking to get ripped and more like sculptures. What is holding most of them back and making them fall short of their fitness goals, is having too little time to hit the gym daily and time to cook a proper healthy meal. But not all hope is lost. Technology has gifted us with gadgets that keep track of fitness throughout the day.

These gadgets were designed as wearables which are perfect for an individual who is always on the move. For the longest time, these wearables were in the form of watches. Recent tech upgrades have however provided fitness enthusiasts with more variety. As a result, some are starting to see the shortcomings of the fitness watches. One noticeable disadvantage is the amount of time you spend not wearing a fitness watch. For instance, when sleeping it’s always like a norm to remove the watch. This affects the fitness watch’s ability to track your sleep. Also, there is a matter of fashion and style. Some people find it awkward to have the watch on their wrists while wearing official outfits. These are just a few times that quickly add up to greatly affect the effectiveness of traditional fitness watches.

But, with the latest technology upgrade (the Motiv ring) addresses the above-mentioned problems. This unit carries out all sleep and fitness tracking tasks that conventional fitness watches do with the added advantage of being simple and discrete. As its name suggests, it is a ring – a titanium ring that adds class and style to its wearer.

To find out everything about this new tech, read the detailed review of the Motiv ring below.

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What is the Motiv ring?

For the longest time, people have used rings for different reasons. Perhaps the most obvious purpose was to unite two people in matrimony. However, some people just love to wear rings as a symbol of fashion. Motiv, a sleep and activity tracker, however, added to the list of ring usage when it won an award for the Best Wearable technology in CES 2017.

The Motiv ring has been designed to fit around the finger just like any ordinary ring and to track your fitness activities around the clock regardless of the prevailing elements. This is to mean that you can use it even in the shower courtesy of its waterproof features (more on this later on).

This Motiv ring is a fairly new fitness technology and many are wondering if it will indeed provide high-end tracking with its size. If you are one of those on the fence about the product, below is an in-depth look at how the unit is built to work.

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Design and packaging

While the Motiv ring is new on the market, there have been several ring-based wearables in the past that included Ares, Ringly and Oura. However, of all of these, Motiv seems to stand a better chance of making it big.

The unit has been designed to measure 8mm wide and is only 2.5mm thick. The Motiv ring is made in 7 standard ring sizes to accommodate the different finger thicknesses. In addition to this, the unit comes in both rose Gold and Slate gray colors.

This ring is built from titanium and is therefore as light as any good ring should be. However, it is worth pointing out that several users went on record to say that the material does not particularly feel premium for a ring of its stature. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t discourage you because the titanium construction does ensure that the ring is smooth and does not snag on anything.

At its bottom, the ring is thicker. This extra thickness accommodates the heart rate monitor. Additionally, the unit also has a small band that contains a tri-color light that is activated when the device is charging or syncs to your smartphone.

Purchasing the unit, you get the product in a sleek package that screams ‘advanced technology’. Inside this one-of-a-kind packaging is the ring of your chosen color along with two chargers that plug into USB ports and that magnetically support the ring while it recharges.

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Motiv Ring as a Fitness Tracker

The ring makes use of the heart rate tracking as its main tracking method. Manufacturers of the ring intended it to help its users to track their fitness for 150 minutes a week. This can be broken down to about 30 minutes daily. This is pretty much the same amount of tracking other gadgets like the Apple watch provides.

With this time frame, it is reasonable to set a 10,000 daily step challenge. However, while this might do the trick and still help you achieve your desired fitness results, Motive believes more in spiking your heart rate for given short periods during the day. Hence the large heart rate monitor at the base of the unit.

In addition to this, the unit also features a 3-axis accelerometer which monitors your movements and automatically activates your heart rate. In essence, the 3-axis accelerometer complements the working or the heart rate monitor. Working together, these two features enable the ring to monitor heart rates and consequently your activity and to automatically record active minutes, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate and type of activity which the ring later syncs to your smartphone.

The ring has the ability to store 7 days of data and as such, you do not have to keep accessing the application daily on your phone.

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The Motiv App

How do I interact with the data tracked by the ring? You may ask. The Motiv ring has been designed to work with a motiv App. This app controls all of the incoming data from the ring. While the ring can store 7 days worth of data, it still heavily relies on the app for effectiveness and great user interpretation of the data collected.

The app is designed to collect all the action cards daily. For instance, on a normal day, you might see something like this:

Between 12:33 pm and 1:00 pm you ran for 27 minutes

Between 10:16 am and 10:45 am, you walked for 29 minutes

Between 12:00 am and 6:30 am, you slept for 6 hours 30 minutes

Your Resting HR was 80 bpm.

These cards also contain more detailed information that is accessible upon tapping on the chosen card. The details include the heart rate and the number of steps you took during your 10 walk mile or 5-mile run.

With the app, you also can break down the sleep habits in comparison to your sleeping trend throughout the week. Using the charts and graphs provided you will be able to tell if you are improving or getting worse.

Adding to the stats and charts, the Motiv App features beautiful imagery and consists of perfectly blended colors crafted for your enjoyment.

The Motiv app unfortunately currently only works with the iOS. There have been no confirmations about its compatibility with the Android platform. But for a product like this, one that is dedicated to providing lasting and quality solutions, it is impossible to imagine that they would want to miss out on the huge Android Market base in the near future.

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Battery Life

For a gadget so small, one has to wonder how long it can provide its tracking services. With its size, most are willing to bet that it cannot last for more than an hour. But on the contrary, the unit features a new tech micro rechargeable lithium ion battery. The company claims that the battery lasts for about 3 or even 5 days depending on its usage.

The unit as earlier stated features two magnetic charging docks. Why two you might ask? Well, if not for anything else, for convenience, you can leave one of the magnetic charging docks on your keychain and carry it with you everywhere you go. The battery on this unit recharges in just 90 minutes.

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Waterproof ability

The Motiv ring trumps the fitness bands and watches since it is discrete, bends with all fashion styles and can be used anywhere even in the pool. This is made possible by its waterproof feature.

The ring is waterproof up to 165 feet underwater of 5ATM. In your daily use, and assuming you are not a deep sea diver, chances are you will never have the chance to test this ring’s waterproof abilities.

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Smartphone Connectivity

The unit connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth technology. This makes it easy to use and sync with any iOS gadgets. The ring can sync with any device equipped with the NFC technology. However, you can also sync with the ring using Bluetooth technology which is rather universal and can ensure you read data from any mobile device.

Where to Buy The Motiv Ring?

The Motiv ring has been scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017. However, Motiv is taking pre-orders for the ring. The ring comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

As you are making your orders, Motiv is sending all buyers a kit of fake rings in different sizes to help in choosing the best fit.


If you enjoyed reading this review on the Motiv ring you can also check out other great reviews on smart rings. We would love to read your comments and know how you feel about this piece and any others.


  • Design and Build Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Smartphone App
  • Battery Duration
  • Easy to scratch
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